2019-11-29 Iustin PopApply no-unitialised-objects to Permset as well
2019-11-29 Iustin PopStop duplicating permset initialisation
2019-11-29 Iustin PopExpand acl_check testing for actual value checks
2019-11-29 Iustin PopRestore setstate/getstate support
2019-11-29 Iustin PopSlightly expand the NEWS file
2019-11-29 Iustin PopChange Entry initialisation protocol
2019-11-29 Iustin PopStandardise on capitalised error messages
2019-11-29 Iustin PopUnify attribute deletion checks for Entry
2019-11-29 Iustin PopReduce verbosity in fast-tests
2019-11-29 Iustin PopCleanup py2-compatibility 'except' syntax
2019-11-29 Iustin PopRemove tests/ as not needed with pytest
2019-11-29 Iustin PopInclude filename in exceptions raised in delete_default
2019-11-27 Iustin PopAdd tests for a few IO failures
2019-11-27 Iustin PopAdd pathlib support in apply_to and has_extended
2019-11-27 Iustin PopAdd more test infrastructure for parameterisation
2019-11-27 Iustin PopPy3 cleanup for the module itself
2019-11-27 Iustin PopAdd no external to coverage target
2019-11-27 Iustin Poptests: Py3 cleanup
2019-11-27 Iustin PopA bit more tests
2019-11-27 Iustin PopConvert TestModification to pytest
2019-11-27 Iustin PopOne more makefile test target
2019-11-27 Iustin PopStop testing with pypy2
2019-11-27 Iustin PopStandardise skip-on-pypy decorator
2019-11-26 Iustin PopConvert AclExtensions to pytest
2019-11-26 Iustin PopConvert WriteTests to pytest
2019-11-26 Iustin PopSwitch LoadTests to pytest
2019-11-26 Iustin Poptests: add helper functions/fixtures
2019-11-26 Iustin PopSwitch travis to pytest as well
2019-11-26 Iustin PopSwitch to running tests via pytest
2019-11-26 Iustin PopStop supporting Python 2
2019-11-26 Iustin PopAdd a fast-test target
2019-11-26 Iustin PopRename test/ → tests/
2019-11-26 Iustin PopRun local tests with 3.8 as well
2019-11-26 Iustin PopAdd a distcheck target
2019-11-24 Iustin PopTravis: test python 3.7 and 3.8 in standard way
2019-11-24 Iustin PopExport coverage results to codecov as well
2019-11-23 Iustin PopBadge-ify the README
2019-11-22 Iustin PopUpdate Travis config to export coverage information
2019-11-14 Iustin PopBump version numbers for new release pylibacl-v0.5.4
2019-11-14 Iustin PopNote that ACL(text="...") needs a valid ACL to be passed
2019-11-14 Iustin PopEnsure documentation is rebuilt on source (.c) changes
2019-11-14 Iustin PopUpdate FreeBSD notes
2019-11-13 Iustin PopUpdate README about build requirements
2019-11-13 Iustin PopMakefile: stop trying to test with py<2.7
2019-11-13 Iustin PopSwitch documentation building to Python 3
2019-10-13 Iustin PopTravis: remove obsolete python version
2019-03-03 Iustin PopMakefile: re-enable pypy and add pypy3
2019-03-03 Iustin PopACL creation: change how mode arguments are used
2019-03-03 Iustin PopRemove use of PyString/PyUnicode *AndDel() function
2019-03-03 Iustin PopTravis: really test 3.7
2019-03-03 Iustin PopTravis: more reworking of Py3.7 support…
2019-03-03 Iustin PopTravis: rework build matrix
2019-03-03 Iustin PopDrop Python 2.6 and earlier support
2019-03-03 Iustin PopDisable pypy tests in Makefile
2019-03-03 Iustin PopIncrease test coverage
2019-03-02 Iustin PopTravis: add python 3.5/3.6 to build matrix
2019-03-02 Iustin PopTravis: remove "sudo:false"
2016-10-26 Iustin PopAdd a makefile coverage target
2016-05-15 Iustin PopAlso run tests with debug interpreters
2016-05-02 Iustin PopAdd travis config file
2015-05-01 Iustin PopInvert get_tag_qualifier() return value meaning
2015-05-01 Iustin PopAdd cpychecker macro for exception negative results
2015-05-01 Iustin PopAdd cpychecker annotations for type/object correspondence
2015-05-01 Iustin PopBump copyright years
2015-05-01 Iustin PopRename README→README.rst
2015-05-01 Iustin PopAdd the release date to NEWS files entries
2015-04-30 Iustin PopBump version for 0.5.3 release pylibacl-v0.5.3
2015-04-30 Iustin PopUpdate my email address
2015-04-30 Iustin PopSmall style change in
2015-04-30 Iustin PopMerge remote-tracking branch 'github/master'
2015-04-30 Iustin PopCleanup all .so files on 'make clean'
2015-04-30 Iustin Poptests: ignore IOErrors during operations invalid ACLs
2015-04-30 Iustin PopMerge pull request #8 from yaneurabeya/master
2015-04-30 Iustin Poptests: don't call acl_to_text on an invalid ACL
2014-08-27 Garrett CooperHandle FreeBSD versions greater than or equal to 7.x
2014-06-28 Iustin PopSimplify a bit the module initialization
2014-06-28 Iustin PopTry to fix uid_t/gid_t usage in entry qualifiers
2014-06-24 Iustin PopFirst step towards fixing qualifier overflow
2014-06-24 Iustin PopFix error message in Entry_set_qualifier
2014-05-23 Iustin PopFix download link in README
2014-05-23 Iustin PopAdd a 'dist' target pylibacl-v0.5.2
2014-05-23 Iustin PopBump version for a trivial 0.5.2 release
2014-05-23 Iustin PopFix some indentation issues in tests
2014-05-23 Iustin PopFix homepage URL
2014-05-23 Iustin PopFix copyright years and intent to (not) test Solaris
2014-05-23 Iustin PopUnify env and python variable TEST_DIR
2014-05-23 Iustin PopEnable testing on more Python versions and PyPy
2012-05-17 Iustin PopRename tests → test and distribute test files too
2012-05-17 Iustin PopFix manifest file after reorganisations
2012-05-13 Iustin PopUpdate NEWS and bump version number for 0.5.1 release pylibacl-v0.5.1
2012-05-13 Iustin PopExpand the range of Python versions for unittests
2012-05-13 Iustin PopIntegrate old web site index file into README
2012-05-13 Iustin PopExtend the refcount leak tests
2012-05-13 Iustin PopFix html too-often rebuild
2012-05-13 Iustin PopWorkaround another py3k compatibility issue
2012-05-13 Iustin PopReplace deprecated names in test suite
2012-05-13 Iustin PopReorganise documentation
2012-05-13 Iustin PopRework documentation style to RST/Sphinx custom
2012-05-13 Iustin PopCleanups for RST/sphinx correctness
2012-05-12 Iustin PopSwitch from epydoc to sphinx