2021-06-06 Iustin PopUpdate CI schedule to include periodic runs master
2021-06-05 Iustin PopEnable PyPy runs as well
2021-06-05 Iustin PopEnable Python 3.10 builds
2021-06-05 Iustin PopEnable MacOS builds
2021-06-05 Iustin PopSkip user symlink test on MacOSX
2021-06-05 Iustin PopStore codecov output as an artifact
2021-06-05 Iustin PopStop uploading to coveralls
2021-06-05 Iustin PopRemove auto-detection of optimal buffer size
2021-06-05 Iustin PopCodecov: disable gcov
2021-06-05 Iustin PopName codecov uploads by the Python version
2021-06-05 Iustin PopRemove verbose from the codecov action
2021-06-05 Iustin PopUpdate README to point to github actions and badge
2021-06-05 Iustin PopShorten the name of the CI
2021-06-05 Iustin PopRemove the travis config
2021-06-05 Iustin PopEnable codecov as well
2021-06-04 Iustin PopEnable coverage and coveralls upload in github actions
2021-06-04 Iustin PopInitial github actions-based continous build
2020-12-06 Iustin PopStore doc/readme and doc/news in the git repo
2020-11-29 Iustin PopRemove compatibility with old recommonmark versions
2020-11-29 Iustin PopRelease version 0.7.2 v0.7.2
2020-11-29 Iustin PopAdd recommonmark to sphinx extensions
2020-11-29 Iustin PopRun Python 3.9 tests too
2020-11-29 Anubhav Choudhary[Fixed] typo in
2019-11-26 Iustin PopFix travis config after tests rename
2019-11-26 Iustin PopRename test/ → tests/
2019-11-26 Iustin PopAdd unreleased changelog
2019-11-26 Iustin PopRework and expand the mixed access test
2019-11-26 Iustin add one more classifier topic
2019-11-26 Iustin PopTests: ensure resources as closed in subject tests
2019-11-26 Iustin PopBump version for 0.7.1 release… v0.7.1
2019-11-26 Iustin PopOops, fix bug tracker link
2019-11-26 Iustin PopBump version numbers for new release v0.7.0
2019-11-26 Iustin PopSwitch coverage badge to codecov
2019-11-26 Iustin PopCheck return value from PyList_Append
2019-11-26 Iustin PopExpand configuration
2019-11-26 Iustin PopRun tests on file io streams as well
2019-11-26 Iustin PopAdd support for Path-like objects in Python 3.6+
2019-11-26 Iustin PopStart updating NEWS for upcoming release
2019-11-26 Iustin PopSwitch namespace_none test to check all calls
2019-11-25 Iustin PopTravis: cache codecov as well
2019-11-25 Iustin PopRun name tests as (encoded) bytes too
2019-11-25 Iustin PopTests: remove_on_missing applies to symlinks as well
2019-11-25 Iustin PopTests: small py3 cleanup
2019-11-25 Iustin PopRemove support for Python 2 in the extension module
2019-11-25 Iustin PopDisable MacOS builds
2019-11-25 Iustin PopMakefile: add a simpler test target
2019-11-25 Iustin PopSplit the other monolitic test function
2019-11-25 Iustin PopSplit the monolithic ListSetGetDeprecated test
2019-11-25 Iustin PopIntroduce an any_subject fixture which includes symlinks
2019-11-25 Iustin PopAdd explicit test for symlink creation failure
2019-11-25 Iustin PopDon't compute coverage for external files
2019-11-25 Iustin PopReduce manyops count
2019-11-25 Iustin PopConvert test suite to pytest
2019-11-25 Iustin Poptests: stop trying to set user attributes on symlinks
2019-11-25 Iustin PopStop supporting Python 2
2019-11-25 Iustin Poptests: move helper function outside the test class
2019-11-25 Iustin Poptests: move constants outside the class
2019-11-24 Iustin PopTravis: remove hack for Python 3.7 test
2019-11-24 Iustin PopOnly export COVERALLS_PARALLEL in coveralls upload
2019-11-24 Iustin PopTravis: test on py3.7 and 3.8 too
2019-11-24 Iustin PopAlso export coverage results to codecov
2019-11-23 Iustin PopAdd a distcheck Makefile target
2019-11-23 Iustin PopSwitch README file to Markdown and expand it
2019-11-23 Iustin PopFix a docstring formatting issue
2019-11-23 Iustin PopSwitch build system to Python 3
2019-11-22 Iustin PopUpdate Travis config to export coverage information
2019-10-13 Iustin PopTravis: remove obsolete python versions
2019-03-02 Iustin PopTravis: remove "sudo:false"
2018-07-24 Iustin PopTravis: add python 3.5 and 3.6 to build matrix pyxattr-v0.6.1
2018-07-24 Iustin PopTravis: remove python 3.2 from build list
2018-07-24 Iustin PopFurther test suite fixes to symlink ops
2018-07-24 Iustin PopUpdate NEWS for proper contents of 0.6.1 release
2018-07-24 Iustin PopTravis build: remove dependency on libattr-dev
2018-07-24 adamlinFix nofollow not work in MAC
2018-07-24 Iustin PopTests: fix symlink testing
2018-07-24 Iustin PopTests: introduce an alias for NS_USER
2018-07-24 xwhuangRelease GIL when do I/O operations
2018-07-24 Iustin PopFurther improvements to benchmark code
2018-07-24 Iustin PopMakefile: move list of python versions to a variable
2018-07-24 Iustin PopAdd a mini-benchmark suite
2018-07-24 Iustin PopBump version to 0.6.1
2018-07-24 Iustin PopRemove use of and mentions of the attr library
2018-07-24 Lars Wendlerxattr.c: There is no more attr/xattr.h with >=attr...
2017-01-23 Iustin PopVersion bump for releasing 0.6.0 pyxattr-v0.6.0
2016-11-14 Iustin PopExpand the testing of invalid arguments
2016-11-13 Iustin PopTest writing large values
2016-11-13 Iustin PopAlso run tests using python-dbg
2016-10-25 Iustin PopAdd a makefile coverage target
2016-10-25 Iustin PopRework getting and listing attributes
2016-10-25 Iustin PopA few small improvements to the test suite
2016-10-23 Iustin PopInitialise target_t members on error paths
2016-05-23 Iustin PopSpelling fix in documentation
2016-05-23 Iustin PopFix name space information in documentation
2016-05-02 Iustin PopRevert "Add build status badge to README"
2016-05-02 Iustin PopAdd build status badge to README
2016-05-01 Iustin PopMark OSX build non-experimental
2016-05-01 Iustin PopFix tabs in travis config
2016-05-01 Iustin PopTry to enable OSX builds in travis configuration
2016-05-01 Iustin PopMerge pull request #9 from ahknight/osx-support
2016-04-09 Adam KnightAdded support for OS X's slightly different xattr calls.