2016-04-09 Iustin PopBump version to 0.5.6 pyxattr-v0.5.6
2015-05-01 Iustin PopFix building on systems which don't have ENODATA
2015-05-01 Iustin PopFix potential name truncation in merge_ns()
2015-05-01 Iustin Poptravis-ci: less build log noise
2015-05-01 Iustin PopAlways enable -Wsign-compare
2015-05-01 Iustin PopFix sign-compare warning in merge_ns()
2015-05-01 Iustin PopAdd a .travis.yml file
2015-05-01 Iustin PopRename README→README.rst pyxattr-v0.5.5
2015-05-01 Iustin PopBump version to 0.5.5 for a new release
2015-05-01 Iustin PopAdd release dates to NEWS file
2015-05-01 Iustin PopMake the code -Wconversion ready: explicit casts only
2015-05-01 Iustin PopFix a few int/size_t conversion issues
2015-04-30 Iustin PopImprove error checking in get_all()
2015-04-30 Iustin PopStyle change: name all jump labels uniformly
2015-04-30 Iustin PopFix memory leak on get_all OutOfMemory handling path
2015-04-30 Iustin PopUpdate my email address pyxattr-v0.5.4
2015-04-30 Iustin PopBump upper python version test in Makefile
2015-04-30 Iustin PopBump version for 0.5.4 release
2015-04-30 Iustin PopRemove all .so files on make clean
2015-04-30 Iustin PopUpdate copyright year
2015-04-30 Iustin PopFix memory leaks in get() failure handling path
2014-05-23 Iustin PopUpdate changelog and bump version for 0.5.3 pyxattr-v0.5.3
2014-05-23 Iustin PopAdd helpers to test suite for easier checking
2014-05-23 Iustin PopMake the environment variable TEST_DIR match the python var
2014-05-23 Iustin PopMerge pull request #3 from jborg/surrogateescape
2014-05-23 Iustin PopMerge pull request #4 from edelkind/master
2014-05-23 Iustin PopMerge pull request #5 from quantheory/master
2014-03-10 Sean Patrick... Fix tests when tmp files have attributes.
2013-09-17 ari edelkindBetter handling of files without xattrs
2013-06-13 Jonas BorgströmUse "surrogateescape" error handler when encoding unico...
2013-01-03 Iustin PopUpdate docs for the 0.5.2 release pyxattr-v0.5.2
2013-01-03 Iustin PopBump version and update NEWS for the 0.5.2 release
2013-01-03 Iustin PopFix string/unicode buffer size parsing
2013-01-03 Iustin PopEnable testing with python 3.3 and pypy as well
2013-01-03 Iustin PopEnable compiler warnings
2013-01-03 Iustin PopMake behave nicely without setuptools
2012-12-21 Mike GilbertPython 2.5 can't parse byte literals, so use bytes...
2012-05-15 Iustin PopFix title in index page
2012-05-15 Iustin PopClarify the namespace type under Py3 pyxattr-v0.5.1
2012-05-15 Iustin PopUpdate NEWS file for the 0.5.1 release
2012-05-15 Iustin PopComplete the change of namespace handling
2012-05-15 Iustin PopFix bug in get_all for empty namespace handling
2012-05-15 Iustin PopMore updates
2012-05-15 Iustin PopAdd a download_url for pypi
2012-05-15 Iustin PopBump version number for new release
2012-05-15 Iustin PopUpdate gitignore file
2012-05-15 Iustin PopMakefile improvements
2012-05-15 Iustin PopUpdate manifest file
2012-05-15 Iustin PopUpdate README to include the old website info
2012-05-15 Iustin PopConvert NEWS file
2012-05-15 Iustin PopSwitch documentation style to sphinx
2012-05-15 Iustin PopRename convertObj → convert_obj
2012-05-15 Iustin PopFix two missing close() class in tests
2012-05-15 Iustin PopRework parsing of the namespace argument
2012-05-15 Iustin PopRemove use of deprecated fail* test functions
2012-05-14 Iustin PopRework init sequence
2012-05-14 Iustin PopA few docstring fixes
2012-05-14 Iustin PopFix a (harmless) integer mismatch
2012-05-14 Iustin PopCheck merge_ns return value in all places
2012-05-14 Iustin PopRework merge_ns signature
2012-05-14 Iustin PopFix a case of missing exception on return NULL
2012-05-14 Iustin PopRename a variable for more consistency
2012-05-14 Iustin PopMark convertObj as setting the exception on errors
2012-05-14 Iustin PopSwitch converObj to negative error return
2012-05-14 Iustin PopFix some const char* pointers
2012-05-14 Iustin PopSwitch to setuptools
2012-05-14 Iustin PopFix small typo
2012-05-14 Iustin PopFix some potential issues if PyBytes_FromString fails
2012-05-14 Iustin PopFix bugs reported by cpychecker
2009-12-27 Iustin PopIncrease version to 0.5.0 v0.5.0
2009-12-27 Iustin PopImprove the unittest runner
2008-12-14 Iustin PopFix a size_t/ssize_t mismatch
2008-12-14 Iustin PopSmall style fixes
2008-12-14 Iustin PopAdd python 3 support
2008-12-14 Iustin PopInitialize local variables
2008-12-14 Iustin PopAdd a new field to the target_t structure
2008-12-11 Iustin PopMake the module setup py3k-compatible
2008-12-11 Iustin PopAdd script to run tests
2008-12-11 Iustin PopSwitch back to distutils
2008-07-06 Iustin PopAdd license information to source file
2008-06-30 Iustin PopIncrease version to 0.4.0 v0.4.0
2008-06-30 Iustin PopUpdate file for the release
2008-06-30 Iustin PopSome final docstring touches before release
2008-06-30 Iustin PopUpdate license to LGPLv2.1 or later
2008-06-30 Iustin Popunittests: enhance symlink tests
2008-06-30 Iustin PopSome more docstring updates
2008-06-30 Iustin PopDocstring updates
2008-06-30 Iustin PopMore PEP 353 compliancy (new-style functions)
2008-06-30 Iustin PopReorder some declarations
2008-06-30 Iustin PopUpdate .gitignore
2008-06-30 Iustin PopMerge branch 'fixes' into new_style
2008-06-30 Iustin PopImplement changes needed for PEP 353 compliance
2008-06-29 Iustin Popunittests: add many checks for namespace ops
2008-06-29 Iustin PopChange the get_all function when using namespaces
2008-06-29 Iustin PopChange the match_ns function syntax
2008-06-29 Iustin PopDocstring updates
2008-06-29 Iustin PopAdd new-style list function
2008-06-29 Iustin Popunittests: allow changing the test dir
2008-06-29 Iustin PopAdd new-style remove function
2008-06-29 Iustin PopAdd the new-style get function